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Wow! My First Payment From PopAds!!!

Hi Friends,
You must have read my recent post about PopAds where I was telling that they are the highest paying ad network and you must try it on your blog too.

So, here I would like to tell you that I've also received my first payment from them of $35.00 and I am really happy the way it is working for me as a side income source.

Here is how it looks like :P

Let me tell you guys, that if you have ever used any other ad network, you will immediately notice that the CPM rates are much much higher compare to any other ad network.

I have been using them for past few days only and I am getting average CPM rate of $1.30 per 1000 Impressions.

In case, you are also looking for an Adsense Alternative or want to earn some side income, here is something you must try.


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